This assertion strikes at the heart of Christian belief. This play should be banned. It insults all Christians from beginning to end. The characterization of the death of Jesus on the cross as a Great Metaphor is deeply offensive to true Christians.

I strongly disagree with the author Tyndale about how Jesus felt about coming to Jerusalem for the Passover. All Christians believe he came there knowing he was a Lamb to the slaughter under God’s grand design. The assertion that he came to David’s City backed by the thousands whom he had influenced through his teachings and example, optimistically hoping to change the attitudes of the Sanhedrin and all faithful Jews – does not sit well with my reading of the Scriptures.

The description of the characters in the play is equally outrageous. Mary the Mother of Jesus was conceived of our Savior by God, not by one of Joseph’s relatives or visitors. The Immaculate Conception is central to Christian belief.

The play claims Jesus was born in Nazareth. You mean that the entire Nativity story where the birth of Jesus took place in Bethlehem is a charade invented to play to materialistic needs at Christmas time? The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem is an article of Faith for all Christians.

Judas hung himself. That is what our bibles tell us. It is simply outrageous to claim that the Sanhedrin hierarchy sent their soldiers to get the bribe money back. And that these soldiers hung Judas presumably acting on the orders from the Temple leadership.

The author of this play is really stretching his credibility for us to accept his description of the meeting of Paul and Jesus on the road to Damascus. The Bible tells us very little about their meeting. After all, we believe that Jesus by then had died and risen again. Paul had been struck blind by God. Only the resurrected Jesus could heal him. I don’t buy Tyndale’s description of this important and historic meeting.